the Open HUman BIosignal Intelligence Platform

HUBII is a platform which allows everybody to access and experience biosignal data in an open and transparent form. It offers the possibility to open the door to the world of biosignals by easily finding and applying pipelines for the user’s own use-case of biosignals.
Offering the space to find pipelines for processing biosignals with and without machine learning to extract features or user states. HUBII shall serve all researchers, developers, and end-users who are interested to access the value of biosignals.

🚀 Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision 👁️

With HUBII we want to enable researchers, developers, and end-users to have access to human biosignals, experience it, and derive value from it in an open and transferable fashion.

🎯 Our Mission

Our Mission is to build an ecosystem where researchers, developers, and end-users can find and simultaneously provide easy-to-use tools and pipelines to leverage and experience biosignal data.

📌 About

On HUBII, researchers, developers, and end-users can upload and use biosignal processing, modeling, and consumption pipelines.  A pipeline is a step-by-step procedure for processing data like filtering, scaling and normalization. HUBII offers pipelines for processing biosignal data from different modalities such as heart rate or eye tracking.

Below you find a schematic architecture of the HUBII platform:



Biosignal Processing

Creation of features for analysis of biosignals such as heart rate variability features.


Biosignal Modeling

Modeling and training of ML models based on biosignals and specific labels. As result, users receive a trained ML model.


Biosignal Consumption

Predictions for human states and traits like emotions, workload, or personality.

Schema of the HUBII platform

🌟 Values

HUBII wants to enable the access to biosignal data and intelligence. It embraces the following key values:



HUBII wants to be completely open. It allows all users to publish and experience the pipeline of others to create a community.​



HUBII wants to be completely transparent. All pipelines are transparent, which allows to understand their behavior.​


Easy Access

HUBII wants to allow easy access to biosignal information even if the user is not an expert.​

💻 How To HUBII?

HUBII uses the „Hugging Face“ platform for the technical implementation of the pipelines. The pipelines are stored on Hugging Face. In doing so, HUBII uses an established and trusted architecture and extends it for easier discoverability, usability and publication of pipelines for the processing of biosignals and offers advantages for both sides, developers and users.

Use of Pipelines

Based on a biosignal taxonomy, the different pipelines are easy to find. For each pipeline there is a separate subpage with simple application examples, making the pipeline easily accessible. Since the pipelines follow a standardized structure, they are similar to use and the user can quickly extend the knowledge of one pipeline to others.

Contribution of Pipelines

HUBII follows the community concept and is based on the provision of pipelines from developers worldwide. To this end, we offer developers the opportunity to make their own pipelines available, traceable, usable and citable according to the open science paradigm.

💻 How To Use?

To use HUBII and its pipelines, you have to take the following steps:

  • Building Block Selection

    Select a building block which serves your use-case

  • Pipeline Selection

    Select a pipeline which fits with your biosignal data at hand

  • Go to Pipeline Page

    Go on the pipeline page and follow the instructions and the link to the pipeline API

  • Follow Documentation

    The pipeline API documentation shows all possible endpoints and the required input data

💬 How To Contribute?

HUBII shall be a community project in which everybody is welcome to support and participate. We want that everybody can contribute to HUBII with pipelines, feedback, or all sorts of support.

If you want to be a part of the community come on the MAILING LIST!
Therefore, please leave a message!

Do you want to contribute with a pipeline?
We are currently setting up the environment to easily upload pipelines. In the meantime, please send us a mail via the contact formular if you want to get involved and we will contact you!

Contact Form Demo


What are biosignals?

Biosignals are all kind of information which is sent out by the human body. They are autonomous signals produced by the living organism, energetically, measurable in physical quantities using sensors. Biosignals are based on chemical and physical actions of the human body and serve to control, regulate and transfer information in the human organism.

Who are the users of HUBII?

HUBII’s users are all individuals that want to leverage and experience human biosignals and get a better understanding, analyze them, or build adaptive systems based on it.
These can be empirical researchers, design-oriented developers, or end-users who would like to create biosignal-based prototypes, for example for wearables.

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