🧪 Biosignal Processing Block

The Processing Building Block focuses on the processing of the biosignal raw data to interpretable features. Raw data is delivered from sensor technology, e.g., an ECG sensor for the collection of electrical heart rate signals or an EDA sensor for electrodermal activity signals. The building block contains pipelines that allow for the processing steps of available signals.

💻 How To Use?

To use a HUBII pipeline select the pipeline you want to use for processing from the list of pipelines below. On the pipeline page you find all relevant information which data you need in what format and what the pipeline provides as output. For the usage, there are two options:

Graphical User Interface

Interact with a Graphical User Interface. The link is on the website of the pipeline.

Standard API Call

Send a request to the endpoint via an API call method of your choice (Postman, curl, or any other method).

Send an API call to the pipeline and wait for the response. That’s it 😊

🗄️ Pipelines

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