💻 How To Use?

To use HUBII and its pipelines, you have to take the following steps:

  • Building Block Selection

    Select a building block which serves your use-case

  • Pipeline Selection

    Select a pipeline which fits with your biosignal data at hand

  • Go to Pipeline Page

    Go on the pipeline page and follow the instructions and the link to the pipeline API

  • Follow Documentation

    The pipeline API documentation shows all possible endpoints and the required input data

To use the pipeline please prepare the data in the given input format and form as described below. Go to the link to the pipeline endpoint descriptions on the pipeline page. There you find the endpoints and how to access them. There are two options:

Graphical User Interface

Interact with a Graphical User Interface. The link is on the website of the pipeline.​

Standard API Call

Send a request to the endpoint via an API call method of your choice (Postman, curl, or any other method).

💬 How To Contribute?

HUBII shall be a community project in which everybody is welcome to support and participate. We want that everybody can contribute to HUBII with pipelines, feedback, or all sort of support.

We are currently setting up the environment. In the meantime, please send us a mail via the contact formular if you want to get involved.

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